From Shattered To Restored



“This was not my first experience with pain and darkness. For years, I had known the pain of depression, deep hurt from a troubled childhood, and the agony of hiding my pain from others. I’d sought answers but found none. I’d cried out to God for help but was never able to hear His response. When I prayed, I told God I was willing to die for Him, but living for Him was, for me, a far more difficult proposition. I spent most nights awake, often walking for miles, fearful of the demons I fought when I slept. Life was something I survived, not something I lived.” (From Shattered to Restored, p. 25)

In this stunningly transparent memoir, Nanette Larson shares her journey from a life of constant hopelessness and despair, deep depression, crippling anxiety, and suicidality to one full of victorious hope and purpose.

Realizing that she had allowed the labels that had been pasted upon her by medical professionals and society alike to define who she was, Nanette changed her perspective by seeing herself through the eyes of her Maker.

Taking control of her thoughts was only the first step of a winding road to wellness, however. As a mental health professional herself, Nanette now shares with her readers the techniques that helped her address every part of her being – spirit, soul, and body.

From distressed patient to nationally recognized deputy director and ambassador of Wellness & Recovery Services for the Illinois Division of Mental Health, Nanette is living proof that full recovery from mental health issues is, indeed, possible, and a successful, happy, healthy life can be found on the other side of the struggle.

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