Is your organization positioned to grow in your understanding of mental health recovery, spiritual wellbeing, and whole health wellness?

Are you looking for a dynamic, engaging, experienced speaker with both personal and professional expertise in these areas?

I provide training, education, and consultation with a primary focus on the interconnectedness of spirit, soul, and body in the process of healing and wholeness. My two primary audiences are:

  1. Mental health providers and other social service organizations seeking to improve their approaches toward individuals with complex challenges
  2. Churches seeking to better equip their ministry teams to serve individuals and families with mental health challenges.

I will gladly work with you in terms of content and length to meet the specific needs of your organization. Below are just a few examples of what I have to offer.


Seminar Embraces Hope In Mental Health Recovery

Nanette Larson spoke on spirituality and mental health recovery.  Read full article

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Speaking Topics

Mental Health Recovery

Lessons from the Eagle

Making Wise Choices
My Journey to Positive Thinking
No Such Thing as False Hope
Nothing Happens Unless First We
The Journey to Health
and Wellness
What Helps & What Hinders
Spirituality & Recovery
Shared Decision Making
The Lived Experience Approach

Spiritual Wellbeing
Improving our Spiritual Wellbeing
Steps to Forgiveness

The Faith & Health Connection 
The Role of Faith Communities in Mental Health Ministry
The Positive Impact of Faith on Physical & Mental Health

Understanding & Responding to Individuals who Self-Injure 

Whole Health Wellness 
Empowering Individuals with Whole Health Services
Empowering Trauma Recovery
From Chronic Illness to Chronic Wellness
Integration of Women’s Health
Recovery through Whole Self Wellness
Seven Pillars of Thinking
The Wisdom of Wellness



Developing a Wellness Recovery Action Plan

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